Criminal Officiating

I rarely, if ever, publicly complain about officiating, but after this weekend’s debacle between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Atlanta Braves, I have only one thing to say.

Someone needs to check if those umps and officials are betting on the Cubs to make the postseason.

Because that is the worst job of officiating I’ve ever seen. Today’s game was a prime example. They gave the Braves 5 outs in the 7th inning giving the Braves the opporunity to take the lead in the game.

They’ve blown calls at every bag. They’ve blown pitching calls. They’d call batters out even if they checked their swing.

If I had the authority to do so, I’d investigate the bank accounts of these officials.

This wasn’t a case of one or two close calls, this was a case of a three-game series where the officiating crew deliberately made every call against the Brewers. To call them blown calls would be an injustice. It is statistically impossible to be that wrong so many times. It had to be by choice.


5 thoughts on “Criminal Officiating

  1. The Brewers are only 2 games back, they still have a chance, don’t they? I know the Mariners went tits up a while ago – our slogan here is: There’s Always Next Year.

    But I hear ya – there have been a few games where it was SO obvious someone was paid to call balls and strikes, it’s a wonder there’s no investigation.

  2. The Brewers were still in it. The Cubs even gave them a chance losing their last two games to the Marlins, but the Brewers bats have been strangely silent. We’re down 5 runs in the 7th tonight with only 3 games remaining. We have to win all 3 and the Cubs have to lose all 3 for us to take the division. Oh well. It was a fun season and this team is so young, they will definitely be competing again next year.

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