What ever happened to playing a game offline?

So my son got some money for his birthday, and like me, it burned a hole in his pocket and he had to buy whatever crap he first laid his eyes on.

In this case, it was a computer game he’s been eyeing at Half Price books for a several weeks.

So I check the box info to make sure it’ll play on our machine and give him the OK to get it.

We get it home and its got 4 discs and I spend about half an hour or more loading this thing.

Then does the game start? No. It send me to their website where, for some reason I’m not privvy to at that time, it wants me to create an account.

OK. Fine. I see no harm in that. I create the account and then it brings up a credit card info page. It turns out they want me to buy an online subscription.

Why? WTF? We just want to play the game on our machine. You know, like people have been doing for decades.

So I look at the box CLOSELY and find in teeny tiny print things like “Requires a valid credit card” and “Requires an internet connection and a monthly subscription.” Who the fuck ever heard of such a thing?

Gad domn bastiches!

So I sent them a nasty email. Unloaded the game and we’re going to get our money back.


2 thoughts on “What ever happened to playing a game offline?

  1. Aarrgh ! I hate that.

    Nay, I despise that! I’ve shunned many games because they require you go online, register, maybe download some crap, or force you to subscribe to something.

    And they always hide that little fact until after you’ve made the purchase, hoping you won’t return it and you’ll want to play so bad you’ll go ahead.

    I refuse to play online, even with games I like. Won’t let them connect to the Interwebs at all. Don’t trust ’em. It’s bad enough you almost have to buy a new computer every time a new game comes out.

    It’s a racket, I tell ya!

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