Am I Red Faced Or What?

Saturday we went out to look at Halloween accessories, and maybe a costume, for our kids as Trick-or-Treating in our neighborhood was Sunday afternoon.

Can’t accuse us of waiting until the last minute. We had a good 24 hours head start!

We’re looking at all the discount items. They had bins filled with body parts and spiders and bats and such. While I’m digging through the bin, my wife is across the aisle trying on various goofy hats.

She has this witch’s hat on, the wide brimmed, round, pointy things that witch’s from cartoons always wear.

I’m holding a severed leg in my hand by the ankle. And I point the leg at her and say, “Hey, that’s you.”

Just as this guy walks into my vision.

A man with a prosthetic leg.

A man, who I am now pointing the severed leg at after having said, “Hey, that’s you.”

And I feel about this tall and I’m looking for the nearest hole to crawl into.

Luckily, the man had a sense of humor and said something like, “I’ve been looking for that!”

Still, I felt very awkward and stupid. Then my 7-year-old goes, “What happened?”

My 7-year-old who also says things like, “Hey, that guy’s fat” to large people in a restaurant at the top of his lungs.

Again, the guy is good-natured and tells us his story of woe, how he was broadsided by a car while riding him motorcycle. (I’m thinking the driver might have been on a cellphone, because later I overheard the gentleman telling some teens about the dangers of cellphones and driving.)

And that was pretty much our day. Any of you manage to stick your foot in your mouth over the weekend?


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