Facinating Winter Factoid #2

While looking up what the annual snowfall for the Milwaukee area is for my last little factoid (47 inches), I ran across another little interesting fact that I thought I’d pass along.

The Milwaukee/Kenosha/Waukesha area is the second coldest area in the United States, only Minneapolis/St. Paul area is colder.

This is according to It was wikipedia. So take that with a grain of salt.

They are basing that on mean annual temperature and yet is it seems to me that International Falls, ND has some of the coldest temperatures during the winter months.

The article doesn’t mention whether that is just the continental United States. I have a hard time believing Milwaukee or Minneapolis could possibly be colder than Alaska. But who knows?

I just found the fact interesting because I have always assumed we were more moderate because of lake effect temperatures. Lake Michigan, or so I’ve always been told, keeps us from getting too cold in the winter and has a cooling effect in the summer. Maybe that cooling effect is enough to push us toward the annual cold mean temperatures.

So now you know.


4 thoughts on “Facinating Winter Factoid #2

  1. Thank God we have Wikipedia for all our accurate and useful information!


    I believe that the Twin Cities are Really Damn Cold, though. This year’s been the closest thing we’ve had to a real winter in a bunch of years, certainly since we’ve lived here this time. I brought my wife up here with tales of how bad the winters were, and we just got wussy crap.

    So this year, I’m getting to go “See? See? I TOLD you! Some days, we’re LUCKY if it gets up to zero! See?”

  2. Lake hasn’t been working so good so far. The snow were expecting later this week is supposed to push us toward our second snowiest December on record.

    I like honest winters.

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