Wii Have an Idea

Now I don’t know all the games available for the Wii, but this Wii Sports got me thinking about all the cool things they could do with the Wii’s two-handed remote and nunchuck system.

Along the lines of boxing, I was thinking a sword and sorcery game, something like Conan or Elric, would be fun. Each controller would be a weapon or a weapon and a shield. You could have actual sword fights using these techniques. Or have an ax and chop the guy to little bits. Or a ball and chain, now that would be fun. As a sorcerer you could cast spells, throw fireballs, and other sinister magics. They could have a gladiator fighting game with the trident and a net! Yeah! Maybe they already have this. If they don’t, I hope they’re planning it.

As Pete said in response to yesterday’s blog about the Wii, what we need is a really cool baseball game that plays like the one in Wii Sports, but lasts a full 9 innings. C’mon. We aren’t wimps. We can play a real game for 9 innings! I’d actually like to run the bases. Maybe they could coordinate the hand movements into running, the faster you pump your arms, the faster the character runs. Maybe if you throw your hands forward and down you could SLIDE. Granted, it would be a headfirst slide, but those are cool!

Do they have an American Football version? Instead of joysticking passes, you’d really throw the ball. Like the dodge ball game in Wii Sports, you’d have to dodge potential sackers. You could reach up and catch the pass as the Wide Receiver. Again, you could pump your arms to simulate running and dodge tacklers. And to make things really fun, you could go up into the booth and punch John Madden in the nose. Yeah! Take that, big mouth.

And as I was thinking along these lines, along the lines of virtual reality games, which the Wii is as close as we’ve come now, I came up with a game system where you’d put on this mesh-type long sleeve shirt full of sensors. Then your arm and torso movements are the character’s exact arm and torso movements. Then you really could have sword fights. Parry! Thrust! Slash! And the shirt could have little electric shock devices throughout it, so when the character you are fighting strikes a blow at you, say a slash across the chest, you FEEL it. You feel a slight tingle from the electric shock devices.

Boxing would interact the same way, with little thumps of electric shocks each time you get hit.

Baseball, you can take one for the team. “Oh, he’s going to have sore ribs in the morning folks, but he’s on base.”

An all-important accessory would be the electronic ankle straps for your legs, so you could have karate or kung fu fighting games and in addition to punching, you’d get to do kicks, too. Roundhouse to the head!

Think of all the cool games you could play with this outfit on. You’re in a dark jungle, machete in hand as you cut down the thick undergrowth to make your way to the secret temple. You’re looking forward, but suddenly there’s pain in your shoulder! You look, and a giant anaconda has bitten you and is trying to wrap itself around you. The suit gives you the little shocks for realism as you stab and slash at it with the machete. You’ve come so far not to be thwarted now!

See, now this kind of gaming I could get into. Sitting on a couch, fumbling with a joystick to me is boring no matter how interesting the screen game might be. But give me something to do, let me interact and get some good old-fashioned exercise, now you’ve got something!

So now I’m going to be disappointed when the Wii2 comes out if it’s anything less than this.

You hear me Nintendo? Don’t let me down!



9 thoughts on “Wii Have an Idea

  1. Ed, I would say something witty if I weren’t laughing, laughing. Oh man. You’re like a kid…

    Actually, they’re making a Star Wars game on the Wii where, they claim, you will control the lightsaber with your wiimote. That’s a childhood dream come true. I hope they have a mode where I can just hit things and swing the blade and listen to it go “WORRRM, WORRRMRMRM, VVRRMRMMMMM,” and stuff.

    They have a football game on the Wii, I think, but I haven’t heard anything good about it.

    But you see? You’re right. There is a LOT you can do with even the peculiar motion sensing equipment that the Wii came equipped with. I pointed out to a friend just yesterday that if you held them right, you could slide them up and down and actually play air guitar holding the wiimotes, and have it do something on the screen. That’d be cool by me.

    Right now, the Wii games are generic games that could be on any console, with wii controls shoe-horned in. But I have high hopes for the console.

    And I want a 9-inning game, damn it! Give me my baseball!

    And I want to punch Madden now, please.

  2. My son (and I!) would love a Star Wars game where you could swing the lightsaber. 2 player dueling with lightsabers. Yeah! Especially with the vibrations in the Wiimote and the Sound FX as you have quoted. That would be very cool.

    My only complaint with the Nunchucks at this point is that the cord is a few inches too short. Its probably a great size for kids so they don’t trip on it, but I can’t extend my arms without the cord going taut and me worrying that I’ll snap it.

  3. I love the vibrating bit of the Wii remote, and it’s little speakers. I love best just the controls. No more button mashing on those little control pads… real moves now, people!

    Twilight Princess was a GREAT game… the nunchuck became your shield, and the remote was your sword. In Red Steel, you had both guns AND swords. And in Godfather, um… apparently you have guns, can punch people, etc, as well as, uh, handle the nunchuck and remote to garret folks.


    I love the golf games. I can’t imagine those as button mashers, but apparently they were that initially.

    I want to try Guitar Hero III. Yes, you stick your remote in the guitar fixture, but it’s still cool.

    I haven’t tried the war games–apparently there was quite a bit of raving over the “realness” of the movement and shooting of Call of Duty 3.

    I hear great things about the throwing mechanisms in the Madden football games.

    Elebits actually did interesting things with the nunchuck and remote… twisting and turning things in that game is something that just could not have done at all well on a traditional pad/joystick.

    People apparently love the Trauma Center games, where the remote allows more realistic fiddling around in surgery and suchlike.

    For a lot of these–apart from Elebits and Raving Rabbids–they were not initially designed for the Wii. But most of them have “shoe-horned” the controls in quite well. (Red Steel has a few glitches, but nothing too major… just annoying.)

    But what I’m really looking forwards to… is a decent fishing game.

  4. Twilight Princess? Is that a manly man macho game? Or like a My Little Pony RPG game? 🙂

    My son would love a realistic fishing game, too.

    Elebits. Is that the name of the game or the game manufacturer?

  5. I think I’m the last person on earth who hasn’t played this thing. I saw someone trying it in a store over Thanksgiving, but that’s the closest I’ve come.

    Ed, I’m with you on needing interaction in my games. Until Rock Band, my favorite was the driving games that come with actual steering wheels. Perhaps when we return to the land of video games, I’ll look into this Wii you speak of…

  6. I want that ! Oh man, how cool if I could actually trek through the jungle, my trusty SMP 3000 in hand, gently pushing lush jungle growth aside as I sneak up on the bad guys standing guard in front of the ancient ruins I have to explore.

    I’d hear the creature snap a twig behind me just before it leaps over my head in a surprise attack!

    I’d dash to the right for quick cover, laying down a line of bullets, alerting the guards who will now enter the fray as I search desperately for a foothold and more ammo.

    Sign me up 😀

  7. Of course, the hazard of motion-based gaming is that I am not the world’s most graceful individual, and this is all going to result in me either hitting my wife, or hitting my head on the couch/wall/floor, unto death.

  8. Long name is Legend of Link: Twilight Princess. You save a princess (that always seems to happen in the Link games). Yeah, dunno what they were thinking, but the name didn’t hurt sales any. 🙂

    Elebits is the name of the game. I forget the name of the manufacturer.

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