Dream Season’s Over

Well, it was a great run. At the beginning of the season, many prognosticators weren’t even picking the Green Bay Packers to have a winning season.

And yet they not only went 13-3, tied with Dallas for best record in the NFC, they made it to the NFC Championship game and went toe-to-toe with the Giants into overtime, before finally crashing down to reality.

Do we have anything to be ashamed of or embarrassed about? Hell no.

In making our way this season we took the youngest team in the NFL to the big dance while leading the league in yards after catch (or run after catch RAC). Ryan Grant, in the last eight weeks of the season, ran for more yards than any other running back in the league.

Donald Driver had another 1000 yard season and Greg Jennings was just shy of 1000 but pulled in 12 TD passes.

Three of our kickoff specialists averaged better than 20 yards per attempt.

Aaron Kampman finished with a 12 sack season.

Atari Bigby, who played all of 5 games last years, led the team in interceptions this year.

And Favre seemed to have wrestled with Father Time and won, giving us another memorable season with plenty of highlights.

We hosted the NFC Championship game. What more can a team ask for?

And since we are the youngest team, it just means that we’ll be here for many years to come. We’ve gained experience. We’ve learned how to win. We’ve tasted the heady wine of victory.

The Pack will be back.

Congratulations, Green Bay. Thank you, guys, for a great season. We’ll be cheering for you just as loudly next season.

Which isn’t to take anything away from the accomplishments of the New York Giants. They were a wild card team that went into Tampa Bay and won. They went into Dallas and won. And now they’ve won at Lambeau Field. They played a helluva game and Eli Manning is finally coming out of his big brother’s shadow. He’s showing he’s a playoff quarterback of the first order.

Here’s hoping the Giants can beat the New England Cheaters in the Superbowl.



2 thoughts on “Dream Season’s Over

  1. I’m totally surprised they lost to the Giants. Okay, first I was pissed that WE lost to the Packers – but still . . . Well, there’s always next season.

    You, me, Mary – not one of our teams made it all the way this year.

    Are you ready for some Baseball? 😀

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