Tap Dance Tuesday

So to be honest, I wasn’t looking for these YouTube videos, they just sort of were found while I was looking for Glenn Miller.

OK, before you turn your nose up at either tap dancing or Big Band, give a gander at these two guys.

Tbe first is the Glenn Miller Orchestra doing Chattanooga Choo Choo. But the Nicholas Brothers are the show. They look like they’re skating they’re so smooth.

Chattanooga Choo Choo

And then, because I was intrigued by the Nicholas Brothers, I found Cab Calloway’s Jumpin Jive. Again, when the Nicholas Brothers appear they become the show. You can’t take your eyes off of these two and for us guys, the splits routine on the stairs will bring tears to your eyes.

Jumpin Jive

And, because now you’re hooked, here they are as young boys.

Lucky Number

Who were the Nicholas Brothers? Easily the greatest tap dancers of their day and from what I’ve seen, I’d wager they’d kick some ass today, too. The splits without using their hands to get up is simply incredible.

Hope you enjoy this flashback.



14 thoughts on “Tap Dance Tuesday

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