What a Difference a Day Makes

Lake Delton empties.

We had just left the Wisconsin Dells the day before as chronicled in my last post. We huddled through several tornados and the rains kept us from enjoying the outdoor parks.

As the rains fell, it overfilled Lake Delton, the main body of water that attracts all the summer tourists and generates millions in tourist dollars each year. The dam held, but the water had to go somewhere, so it went around it, eroding a new river and emptying out the lake.

Many businesses depend on that lake, including the lakefront resorts, the tour businesses, Tommy Barlett’s water shows, and the famous Wisconsin Ducks.

Now 90% of the lake is gone. Boats are stranded. Piers stick out into nothingness. A new river runs through a highway.

Governor Doyle declared it a disaster area and vows to refill the lake.

How long does it take to fill a lake? Because we promised the boys we’d return to take a Duck tour of the lake and the beautiful sandstone rock formations that make up the area by the end of summer.

Here’s a video of a Duck splashing down as it enters Lake Delton. As the tour announcer says before he’s cut off, Lake Delton was a man-made lake and took $1 million to make.

I wonder how much it’ll cost to remake it?



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