Favre = Whiner

I have been Brett Favre’s biggest fan all his career. I’ve been his biggest apologist, especially back in his early days when he made a lot of bone-headed moves. Others were calling for him to be benched, I said “Give him time, he’ll be something.”

To show how serious I was, I named my first-born son after him in 1995, BEFORE he won his first of Three League MVPs.

I’ve defended him, apologized for him, and revered him.

But even I saw the writing on the wall last year. Yes, he had a marvelous season, one of his Top 4 performances, but during the NFC Championship game against the Giants, his age was showing. He looked cold and uncomfortable at Lambeau Field. Snot icicles hung from his nose and he was uncharacteristically bundled up on the sideline. Not to mention he just played bad.

Ely Manning, in short sleeves, looked more at home at Lambeau than Favre.

So it didn’t come as all that surprising when Favre quit. It was an embarrassing loss punctuated by an ill-advised and embarrassing interception.

What is surprising and seems totally uncharacteristic to a man who has been nothing but a class act his entire career in Green Bay is this whole contentious decision to make a come-back and put the blame on his retirement on Green Bay management saying they pushed him out the door.

Now he sounds like a whiner. His brother sounds like a whiner. His agent sounds like a whiner. He wants his release from the team so he can be free to sign with anyone.

Sorry. It doesn’t work that way. Green Bay still holds the rights. I say make him a backup and have him hold the clipboard. Or trade him. Maybe Green Bay can get some players for him that won’t blow frozen snot bubbles in January.

Again, no one forced you to retire, you made that decision on your own. Trying to make it seem it was the team’s fault is unbecoming of a Packer Legend.

The team, thinking you retired, has moved on, has been preparing for the upcoming season without you, and now you expect them to abandon all that preparation and simply welcome you with open arms?

Go piss up a rope.

Favre is showing he is not the class act we all thought he was. He’s not the team player, but instead is showing he’s a selfish jackass. His attitude is bringing shame to the Green and Gold.

And my son? We’re telling everyone he’s named after Brett Hull now.



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