Themes I Still Remember and Sing From Time to Time

Occasionally, I forget that this is, after all, my blog and therefore I feel I have a right to base it upon my own special brand of geekiness. Today then is one of those blogs.

Back in the 60s I was a huge fan of comics and by extension animated cartoons. As a fan of Marvel I really enjoyed the 60s cartoon that aired, oddly enough, not on Saturday mornings but after school five days a week. It was the Merry Marvel Marching Society. It was a half hour program that featured three episodes of five different Marvel superheroes rotating throughout the week. The heroes were Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Sub-Mariner, and the Hulk. It wasn’t the greatest in animation, essentially it was out of Marvel’s artistic control. The work was farmed out to this Canadian company and what they did was photograph the artwork from actual comic books, then moved the pictures to indicate action or simply moved the characters lips when they talked.

Now, 40-some years later I realize how horrible this “animation” was. The stories, however, as I said, were taken from the comics and much of it was written by Stan “The Man” Lee and drawn by Jack “The King” Kirby. Kirby’s art alone was worth the price of admission. And really, I loved the theme songs. Because I like to share, here then are the themes from each of those short subject cartoons.

First, let’s start with my all-time favorite comic book character (the one Ed Brubaker murdered!), Captain America. It should come as no surprise that I do in fact own this horrible atrocity on DVD and watch it with fond memories from time to time.

Recently at the movies, Iron Man made a huge splash in his silver screen debut. Here then is the theme song to Iron Man. Funny, but growing up I always thought they were saying, “He’s the coolest sex with the heart of steel.” Not sure what that meant. Now I realize they’re singing, “He’s the cool exec with the heart of steel.” What can I say, I was nine, OK?

The Hulk is another one that just transitioned over to the silver screen. Here is his theme song from the MMMS. I love how his hand smash and foot stomp look like they’re crushing a paper backdrop. Which, knowing is probably how they achieved the effect.

The Mighty Thor is scheduled to debut in 2010 or 11 as a movie. Here, verily, is his theme song from lo so many years gone by.

I hear a rumor that there might be a Namor: The Sub-Mariner movie coming soon. I’m not sure I want to see a guy parading around in a speedo. I’m not even too keen on watching the men’s synchronized diving tonight. But there you go and here you go, Namor’s theme.

And of course, here is the intro to the whole show.

And because I feel generous, and despite this not being part of the Merry Marvel Marching Society, here is the famous Spider-Man theme song from the 60s Saturday morning cartoon everyone seems to remember.

And if you think this whole blog was just me being self-indulgent. Well, yes, it probably is, but I’m on anti-biotics. So I’ll use that as an excuse.

In the immortal words of Stan “The Man” Lee: Excelsior!



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