Captain! There be Hogs Here!

The streets are filled with the sound of Rolling Thunder. Hundreds, no, thousands of rumbling, gleaming motorcycles are coming home.

Nay, not just motorcycles, THE motorcycle. Milwaukee Iron. Hogs. Harley-Davidson.

They are everywhere, you can’t escape them. Tons of chrome and painted metal right here in the Sexiest City in America, the home of Harley-Davidson, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US of A.

They’re all here for The Motor Company’s 105th Anniversary party.

I can’t wait for all the festivities. Last time around we got to see Blue Oyster Cult and I was THIS CLOSE to Eric Bloom and Buck Dharma!

OK, I’m a Harley geek. I don’t own one, but we’ve been to the parades for the 85th, 90th, 95th, and 100th and we plan on being there for the 105th.

All that customization in one small city.

Welcome home, ladies and gentlemen, welcome home. We missed you all.

Pictures to come.



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