Aaron Rodgers Gets the Monkey Off His Back

The Green Bay Packers won their first game last night against the Minnesota Vikings and Aaron Rodgers, our new starting quarterback exorcized many demons along the way to the win.

Aaron Rodgers can’t be faulted that the game was as close as it was. The final score of 24-19 doesn’t indicate how good he played, only how poorly the defense played in the second half.

In fact, the game was marred by penalties and a great touchdown pass to Donald Driver was called back because of an ineligible man downfield.

So though the stats don’t reflect it, Aaron Rodgers accounted for three touchdowns. The TD pass that he is credited for. The one that was called back. And the quarterback sneak into the endzone that culminated with a spike of the ball and a Lambeau Leap for Aaron.

And any fans watching knew that that spike represented the release of four years of aggravation sitting on the bench and all the retired/not retired nonsense from earlier in the year he and the team were put through by that other guy who shall not be named as long as he actively wears another uniform.

In fact, that spike spoke volumes, including the declaration that “I’m your quarterback!” He followed that up with a Lambeau Leap that was symbolic of how Packers fans will now embrace him as their new field general.

The Aaron Rodgers era has started off with a good win against an important division rival. He finished the game with a passer rating of 115.5. And most importantly, there wasn’t one ulcer-producing pass into impossibly tight coverage or one screaming what-the-hell-is-he-thinking? Hail Mary. It’s going to be a good year and most of us won’t have to take any Pepto-Bismol to enjoy it.

Please welcome the new leader of the Pack, Aaron Rodgers, to Packer Nation.



3 thoughts on “Aaron Rodgers Gets the Monkey Off His Back

  1. Quarterbacks give me gas! Especially when they’re acting all prima donna and don’t want to throw to anyone but Nate Burleson because they figure they’re SO great, only Nate can catch. Oh, but then Nate goes out for THE WHOLE YEAR with a bad knee – so now what?How’s about you get off your whiny little arse and throw that damn ball to someone else!! Freak.At least they’ll put Seneca Wallace in to start against the 49ers. Let’s see how Hasselback likes THEM apples.Oh, wait, you weren’t talking about the Seahawks?

  2. Someone hit me. I missed the game! I cannot beleive it. My luck this will be the only game they (being the TV stations) air out here and i missed it. Well, at least they won and Aaron proved himself well.

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