Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions: A Drive by Drive Perspective

Packers first drive they gained a whopping one yard and had to punt.

The Lions first drive they were moving the ball fairly well against our defense until it came to catching the ball. That punt was a gift.

During the Packers second drive, there was a 3rd and 7 where Rodgers started to scramble to his right, then he threw the ball upfield. As the ball left his hand, unlike many years prior, my heart wasn’t in my throat, I wasn’t on the edge of my seat, I never once screamed, “Throw it away!” Instead, I had confidence Rodgers would do the right thing, not throw into quadruple coverage, and he did. We got the first down.

The same feeling came over me when Rodgers escaped a sack, rolled right, and threw into the end zone for a score. It was an almost Zen-like feeling, I remained relaxed, confident, assured.

Detroit drove through our defense on their second drive like a hot knife through butter. Luckily, their WRs can’t catch and another drive stalled, forcing them to punt.

On the Packers’ third drive, Rodgers lofted a long 62 yard bomb and as he threw it I thought, “There’s somebody there.” Another stress-free drive culminated in a touchdown.

On Detroit’s next drive Kaupman sacked Detroit, forcing them to punt.

On the Packers next possession, first play from scrimmage, Rodgers had another long pass of about 30 yards. The drive ended in 29-yard pass for a TD.

A pass interference on Detroit’s WR put them in a hole that they couldn’t overcome, especially after Kaupman sacked Kitna again.

Good field position on the punt was marred by penalties. Rodgers avoided another sack, seeming to have eyes in the back of his head as he threw for a 5-yard gain. Another near sack was spoiled by a slightly overthrown pass, forcing us to punt for the first time since our first drive.

Another good drive by Detroit ended in frustration, as they had to settle for 3 points.

With 14 seconds left in the half, the Packers tried to move the ball but ran out of time. The half ended with the score Packers 21, Lions 3.

Detroit started the second half, again driving through our defense like shit through a goose, only to stall on three consecutive pass incompletions, forcing them to settle for another 3.

A fumbled snap opened the Packers next drive. Ryan Grant ran for 5 and then on 3rd and 6, Rodgers scrambled and ran for a first down and more. A challenge by Detroit, claiming Rodgers had stepped out of bounds during his 9-yard run, but the ruling on the field stood and Detroit lost a time-out.

Unfortunately, on the next play Rodgers had the ball stripped and Detroit recovered the fumble, giving them the ball on the GB 30. Rodgers first mistake of the game.

But AJ Hawk sacked Kitna on 2nd down, bringing up a 3rd and 15, that Detroit couldn’t overcome. And again, they settled for 3.

On the next packer drive you could clearly hear someone yell, “Mothertrucker!” Incidentally, that wasn’t the only interesting thing on the drive as Rodgers had an 8-yard run for a first down, then Brandon Jackson ran for another first down. Rodgers threw another first down to Donald Driver. Two consecutive incompletions seemed like the drive had stalled until everyone on Detroit’s defense jumped offsides, giving us a 3rd and 5. Another Driver reception put us 1st and Goal. Grant ran for 2 on 1st down. Rodgers smartly threw the ball away on 2nd down. An incompletion to Driver forced the Packers to go for 3.

Kitna got out of a QB sandwich, I don’t know how, but it was to no avail as he threw an incompletion and they punted.

A holding penalty ended our next drive. At the end of 3 quarters, the score was Packers 24, Lions 9.

Good play and a pass interference call on our DB helped Detroit move down the field to their first touchdown of the day.

An illegal block in the back negated a good runback that put us on the Detroit 40 and set us up on our own 10. A 3 and out for us. And a horrible snap gave Detroit a safety, allowing Detroit to pull within 6 points.

A bad kick puts Detroit on Detroit’s 45. A holding penalty saves our porous defense by pushing the Lions to a 1st and 20, a distance they can’t overcome, forcing them to punt.

The Packers offense took over at their own 9-yard line. Their worse field position of the game. On 1st and 10, Ryan Grant was stuffed for a loss. 2nd and 12, a Rodgers pass gets us to the 15. On 3rd and 4, Rodgers went deep, but the ball was deflected for an incompletion.

Detroit starts in good field position at the Packer 47. And then Detroit scored as their WR ran through our defense unmolested.

Momentum had changed completely as we started at our own 20. A pass to Craig Jennings, then it was off to the races to the Detroit 23, where a Detroit DB choke-tackled Jennings, but the ref right there didn’t see it. A good scramble by Rodgers was marred by Jackson as he jumped in the air and couldn’t get a handle on the ball. The Packers were forced to settle for 3.

Detroit’s first play from scrimmage was intercepted by Woodson giving us field position at the Detroit 40.

Jackson, made up for his faux pas last drive and runs for 12 yards. A pass to Driver gets them to within the 20 yard line. On the next play, Rodgers wisely throws the ball away. Jackson runs it in for a TD.

Kitna threw another interception to Woodson on the next drive, which Woodson ran in for a TD. The complexion of the game, the momentum turned in Detroit’s favor as they pulled ahead by one in the final quarter, completely changed as the Packers scored 17 points in about 2 minutes.

Now the entire game rested upon the arm of Kitna and the catching abilities of his WRs, which meant: ANOTHER INTERCEPTION for a TD, this time by Collins.

Orlovsky came in to replace Kitna with a chance to be the hero and win the game. Yes, that’s called sarcasm. The ball was turned over on downs with 1:19 left in the game and a kneeling opportunity for Matt Flynn.

Packers win, 48-25, Rodgers finished the game 24/38, for 328 yards and 3 TDs. And again, my blood pressure thanks him, my ulcer thanks him, and I thank him for a stress-free game.



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