Musical Monday: A Giant Among Prog Rock Groups

One of my favorite bands of the 70s was a rather obscure group called Gentle Giant. They were there at the beginning of the prog rock movement, along with bands like Yes, Pink Floyd, Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Unlike those contemporaries, Gentle Giant never made it out of cult band stage.

Which is a shame because they were putting out some great, complex music. Gentle Giant wasn’t satisfied to just make rock, they wanted to make music that pulled in influences from many different genres. When you listen to a Gentle Giant song you can hear bits of jazz, folk, and classical.

Their music was filled with complex melodies, odd time signatures, and quirky vocal harmonies.

Here is one of my favorite songs, Proclamation. As you watch it, you’ll wonder how a band with such a ladies’ magnet as drummer John Weathers couldn’t have been more successful.

Hey, hee-aay, yeah, hold on!

Hope you enjoyed some of these songs and it influences you to look deeper into the history and music of Gentle Giant.



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