Wherein I Discuss the State of Presidential Candidates

Shall We Discuss Politics?

So, we’ve narrowed it down.

Our choice for President is Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin.

I, for one, am not amused. In fact, I’m downright disgusted.

Are you guys happy with those choices? Seriously?

Because to me they’re just more crap in a long trail of crap.

When was the last time we, the people, were actually given two qualified, intelligent, best-of-the-best candidates to vote for?

Hasn’t happened in my lifetime. That’s for sure.

In fact, it’s been decades since we’ve even had one decent candidate. And I mean a statesman, not a politician, not a glory hound, not a power monger, or a corrupt manipulator.

The last decent candidate fielded by either party was McGovern. That was 1972, people!

That’s a long time ago and you should all be ashamed and appalled. Ashamed that we’ve turned the presidential primaries into some sort of gauntlet that has scared the best candidates away. I mean, really, who needs that sort of grief? Who wants to put their family through the media circus, the insults, the stupid SNL skits?

And you should all be appalled that money has turned this process from a noble endeavor into a cesspool of lies and mudslinging.

I still haven’t figured out who I’m voting for, but I sure as hell know I am not voting for either pair of these turds.

It’s a shame Pat Paulson died. Now we need him more than ever.

Maybe next election someone worthy of being called the President of the United States of America will actually run. Maybe. But I’m not holding my breathe.



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