Favre Guilty of Insider Trading?

Is Brett Favre guilty of calling the Detroit Lions before week 2 when they were getting to face the Green Bay Packers and give them info on how to beat us? Here’s the story: Fox News Story.

If true, this is just one more example of why I’m glad that whining primadonna is no longer a Green Bay Packer. He has brought nothing but disgrace to the uniform this year with his antics.

And that’s all the comment he deserves.



One thought on “Favre Guilty of Insider Trading?

  1. While not a Green Bay fan, Favre’s drama queen antics soured my impression of him. I almost feel bad for him…rather than retiring when he should have and taking the love and admiration of an entire city with him, he’ll end up retiring with all of his career’s focus boiled down to this one season where his actions are on par with TO’s. Sigh…

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