Musical Monday: The Temptations

Musical Monday: The Temptations

As a child of the 60s, and I must say, not as a love child or peace child or what have you, but as an honest to goodness young kid, one of my favorite groups on the radio were the Temptations. I used to hang out on the playground with my little transistor radio and listen to the Top 40 radio station right across the street from the playground. It was WOKY, the Mighty 92, and back then AM was the dominant force in music. Playing an eclectic range of music from Motown, to British Invasion rock, to psychedelic, and even country.

It was a fun time for music, because stations weren’t quite as segmented, nor music as divided, as they’d later come to be in the 70s and beyond. It wasn’t uncommon for a station to play Elvis, followed by Diana Ross and the Supremes, to the Beatles and Stones, to the Moody Blues, and Burt Bacharach.

One of the best Motown acts, in my opinion, were the Temptations. I just loved their harmonies and they were one of the more popular acts during that time. If you’ve never heard of them, or haven’t heard from them lately, I present a brief tasting of their music.

I hope you enjoy.

Here’s “My Girl.”



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