Today is Veteran’s Day in America

Today is Veteran’s Day in America.

I suppose, having been a veteran, that I should write something pithy or sentimental or even historical, maybe even a personal experience.

Unfortunately, I have nothing.

Nothing except, hug a Veteran today.

Think about a veteran.

Visit a veteran.

Show a veteran you care and appreciate the sacrifices they made so that you may enjoy the freedoms and rights you have today as an American.

Thank a veteran.

Observe a moment of silence today at the 11th hour, 11th minute.

Listen to Lee Greenwood, singing, “God Bless the USA”



6 thoughts on “Today is Veteran’s Day in America

  1. At the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa today, after the traditional wreath-laying ceremonies, the crowd spontaneously filed forward and, removing the poppies from their lapels, covered the tomb with them. The veterans were deeply touched.At church on Sunday, the pastor had asked anyone currently or formerly in the Services to come in uniform. There were five men on stage, three of them vets. He just asked us to show our appreciation. The ovation went on and on and on…I was out and about the city today, and I must admit there are few things I find more moving than seeing scruffy kids wearing their poppies. Some of them had two.Here’s a virtual hug for you {}, if you’ll accept it from a Canadian… ;o)

  2. I thank and appreciate our Veterans and all the sacrifices, along with their family’s sacrifices. If I see a struggling Veteran on the street, coping with the harsh realities of life, I never hesitate to give him the money he is requesting. They are my heroes, and if there’s one MAJOR fault of our Nation, it’s to let these heroes suffer without the needs they earned. I wish each and every one of them well. Happy Veteran’s Day! Hugs to you Shadow. 😉

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