Musical Monday: Armageddon

Armageddon. Self-titled only album. 1975. Genre: Hard Rock.

Keith Relf, the lead singer for one of the great bands of the 1960’s, the Yardbirds, fronted this metal outfit. It was his final vocal performance before his untimely and tragic death (he accidentally electrocuted himself in 1976 while playing his electric guitar).
Armageddon was a supergroup of sorts, made up of the aforementioned Keith Relf along with ex-Steamhammer guitarist Martin Pugh and bassist Louis Cennamo, and drummer Bobby Caldwell of Captain Beyond and the Johnny Winter Group.
Their debut album was filled with generous amounts of very heavy, guitar-driven, music. Maybe your local “classics” radio station has played Silver Tightrope from time to time. The rest of the album is nothing like that, leaning toward hard-driving metal-like guitar riffs.
With the aggressive guitar salvo of the opening riff from the first track, Buzzard, this album put everyone one notice. This band was going to explore new territories in the prog metal arena, and they probably would have if not for Relf’s premature death.

And there you have it. Those five songs made up Armageddon’s debut album. A one-hit wonder only in the sense that a tragedy prevented them from producing more. An intriguing tease of prog metal, a precursor to what would one day be referred to as stoner rock.

I hope you enjoyed it.


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