The Honeymoon is Over

Mike McCarthy took over the Green Bay Packer reins in January 2006. His first year he took a 4-12 team and led them to an 8-8 season. OK, but not great. The next year he guided the Packers to a 13-3 season, but ended up being embarrassed on our home turf by a Wild Card team in the NFC Championship game.

This year we’re assured of a losing record no matter what they do next week against the hapless Detroit Lions.

Last night we suffered an embarrassing lost to the Chicago Bears. It was embarrassing because we dominated them in every phase of the game until we had what seems to be becoming our signature fourth quarter collapse.

As an Old School NFL fan, as a diehard Packers fan, as a confirmed Chicago Bears hater, let me be the first to say, it’s time to clean house. This team has no heart.

It’s time to fire Ted Thompson.

It’s time to fire Mike McCarthy.

It’s time to fire the offensive and defensive coordinators.

As far as I’m concerned, no one on the team should be considered safe.

Aaron Rodgers should never have been given that raise and extension after only a couple games. He hasn’t proven anything. He certainly hasn’t proven he can win the close games. This team has lost every close game.

And the defense hasn’t been able to stop anyone when it counts. Yes, we were stifling the Bears all game, but unfortunately our offense couldn’t distance themselves and a few boneheaded mistakes at the end were enough to throw the game away.

As far as I’m concerned, the Packers could go 2-14 and as long as those two wins came against the Bears, I’d consider it a good season.

But when you lose to the Bears in an embarrassing fashion?

Hit the road.

This loss cast a spotlight on all the Packers most glaring flaws and those flaws all trickle down from the top.

Don’t blame the cold weather. Don’t blame injuries. Don’t blame poor refereeing.

Blame poor management. Blame poor play calling. Blame poor talent scouting. Blame a lack of signings within Free Agency. It’s time for change.



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