A tale of two perceptions

The news keeps giving us the bad. Unemployment rising, jobs losses, stock market crashing, housing values falling.

I think the news is full of pessimistic people who somehow revel in doom and gloom. Good news doesn’t sell, so they don’t report it.

Supposedly, according to the news, we’re in the worst depression this world has seen since that meteor struck the Earth and wiped out the entire dinosaur population.

And yet, when I go out, the mall parking lots are full. The restaurants are full. People are in checkout lines with carts full of merchandise.

Maybe these people haven’t heard the news. I don’t know. Should I break it to them?

Naw. They all seem so happy spending money they aren’t supposed to have. I’ll let them find out when they turn on the news. Let the reporters do what they do best, spread negativity like Typhoid Mary.

In the meantime, go read my latest Examiner.com article, Milwaukee’s bridge wars!



One thought on “A tale of two perceptions

  1. My take on all those people at the malls and restaurants: either (a) they’re buying less or ordering appetizers and water or (b) they’re delusional.

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