Random Thoughts

Toys Created by People Without Kids:

Saw an add for these things that look like snowboards kids put on their feet to slide across the carpet. OK. What sort of moron would think having kids skating in the house — where they can smash valuables — was a good idea? Not to mention the damage they’d be doing to the carpet fibers.

Anther toy, Moon Sand, is not like puddy, is not like Playdough, is not like clay, or anything else you use to mold and create things. It is SAND. It gets into the carpeting, on the floor, in your food, in your hair, and everywhere else real sand gets. I am still looking for the creator of this product so I can punch them in the nose.

Jonas Brothers Show:

The announcer for this show said, “It’s the Jonas Brothers like you’ve never seen them before.” I’d like to point out that I have NEVER seen the Jonas Brothers, so any appearance by them would fit that category.

The Differences Between Local and National News Outlets:

Local: The World Health Organization recommends we don’t panic and suggests we take these steps to prevent the spread of the swine flu.



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