Do you sometimes feel obligated?

My youngest son is doing a book report on the Irish. So we stop at the library that’s on the way home from school. It’s an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow polka dot library. I think my own personal library has more books.

We get inside and I see a bank of computers. I wake one up. It’s for internet access. I wake another. Same story. I’m looking for the card library computer. I can’t find it. What was wrong with the old Dewey decimal system card files?

So I ask the libarian for help. It takes her several minutes. Maybe I didn’t explain well enough that I need nonfiction books on the Irish because she’s got a list of fiction books, books on leprechauns and such.

I politely follow her around as she looks for the books. She’s an older woman with a slight weight problem, so she starts complaining because several of the books are on the bottom shelf.

Anyway, as I suspected at the beginning, this library hardly had anything. No, I take that back. In regards to non-fiction, it had NOTHING except one book on Great Britain. But she had pulled out three books. The Great Britain one. A leprechaun one. And a fiction book.

Normally, I’d just leave and try another library, but because she went out of her way to look up the books and try to find them, I felt obligated to check them out.

Tomorrow I’ll put them in the book drop and go to a larger library.

Do you ever do things because you feel obligated like that?



3 thoughts on “Do you sometimes feel obligated?

  1. You know, if it was in the text I wouldn’t feel so bad. But the headline… I give professional media grief for that.

    *hangs head in shame*

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