Favre did the unforgivable by signing with the enemy

Brett Favre’s dead to me.

It bothered me that he kept yanking our chains over the retirement shit. Every year, “I haven’t decided if I want to retire or play” and the media had the “Favre Watch” to see what his decision was.

It irritated me to see him twist the truth and make it sound like it was the Packers fault and he was innocent in this whole fiasco.

It annoyed me to see him come back in a different uni, but at least it was a different conference.

But this? The only way he could have pissed me off more was to have signed with the Bears.

Sorry, as far as I’m concerned, Fart was NEVER a Packer.

This is unforgivable.

Now some say that it’s all Ted Thompson’s fault. Or Mike McCarthy’s. That somehow it is the team’s fault that Favre is gone. That Favre is the innocent injured party in all this. “The team had it in for him.”

Bullshit! That’s nothing but bullshit Favre Revisionist History.

Let’s see if we can follow the sequence of events.


That’s right. HE retired. He played a shitty game against the New York Giants in the NFC Championship game, got his ass handed to him, felt embarrassed that he looked so old with frozen snot bubbles hanging from his nose, so he RETIRED.

The Packers said, “OK, if that’s your decision” and started to move on.

Then Favre changed his mind. He unretired. Now remember, the last several years he’d been yanking them around with the “will I retire or won’t I retire” bullshit. This nonsense often went on past the draft. He literally was holding the team hostage. “Should we draft a QB or not? What is Favre going to do?”

So anyway, guess what happened when Brett said he wanted to come back? If you listen to Favre, they told him to go to hell. But the truth is, and I emphasize here, the TRUTH is, when he said he wanted to come back the team had a plane on the tarmack, fueled, and ready to fly down to RESIGN him.

Yes! They were on their way down to resign him! Why wouldn’t they? He had brought them within minutes of another Superbowl visit. He’d just come off one of the best years of his career.

So they’re literally in the plane, taxiing down the runway and Favre calls again. He changed his mind, AGAIN! He’s staying retired.

So the Packers shut the door and I don’t blame them because of all his shenanigans year in and year out.

This was all in the spring after the Championship game.

Then training camp starts, schemes are set, relationships between QB and wideouts established, the team tells Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the players that he’s their guy, he’s the man now. It’s Rodgers’ team. (And Rodgers had a great season last year, statistically better than Favre, proving that Ted Thompson was correct in this decision.)

And Favre decided he wanted to unretire AGAIN. Well, tough shit, pal. We gave you more than enough opportunity to come back. We’re not reversing our decision about Rodgers. It’s not fair to him, it’s not fair to the team, and we need to make this move eventually anyway. Might as well make the break now. Sorry, Brett, but you made your bed, now lie in it.

So Favre got all pissy that it was the team’s fault, held a bunch of press conferences to tell his distorted and false side of it that the team was at fault when in reality it was all HIS fault.

He’s an egotistical shit. He brought all of this on himself. The team didn’t force him out.

They were more than willing to bring him back, had the plane ready to go, and he spit in their face.

Worse yet, when he went to the Jets, let’s not forget the whole Matt Millen story where Favre called the Lions to give insider information on how they could beat Green Bay.

And now he’s with the Vikings. Maybe it’s my age, but this whole “its only a business” thing rankles me. I grew up in an era where you hated, literally HATED your team’s rivals. To me, that’s what made the Packers/Bears rivalry so great was the amount of hate we had for each other, fans, players, coaches. Everyone.

Then came free-agency and a diluting of some of that hatred. Sometimes your team, out of necessity, would sign “the enemy.” Didn’t mean I liked it.

I hated that we had signed Jim McMahon. I hated every minute he was on the team. He was the enemy. Made me sick to see him in a Packers uniform.

Gilbert Brown? Well, he was only drafted by Minnesota. He was waived before he ever played a game.

So for Favre to go to the enemy camp, well, that’s traitorous in my book. He’s worse then Benedict Arnold. We gave him his chance. If we hadn’t traded for him, he’d have remained a no-name backup for Atlanta and he’d have drank his career away in bars. Glanville never would have played him.

So we gave him a chance. He ran with it and became the stat leader in nearly every category a QB can be.

Now this. He shows his appreciation for 16 successful years by signing with the enemy. As a Packer he should know what the Packer/Viking rivalry means. Signing with them is a deliberate kick in the balls to us.

A real fan would understand, he said in his whiney press conference. I do. I understand Favre is a traitorous son of a bitch and when he faces our defense I’m going to hope they take him out of the game, the same as I’d wish upon any other QB of the enemy.

Is it too late to sign Charles Martin?


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