What kind of writer are you?

When you write, do you have a schedule? Are you organized? Do you treat your career like a business?

I’m curious, because I’ve had a rather haphazard regard to my writing. I write when the story wants to be written. I used to, many years ago, sit down at a specific time every day and write, but I found that most of that writing was just Stream of Consciousness stuff that didn’t lead to anything publishable, just my ramblings. (Kinda like this blog post so far.) So I abandoned that, but didn’t replace it with anything concrete, only writing as the mood strikes.

As far as submitting, I’ve had a scattergun approach, submitting feverishly for a while then getting discouraged and not submitting anything for a time. The writer’s version of a roller coaster.

As you can imagine, my career hasn’t gone gangbusters with this method.

So it got me wondering. How do other writers, successful writers, treat their careers? Do they have a schedule? Maybe Mondays they spend submitting. Tuesdays they spend editing. Wednesdays they devote to research. Things like that.

So what kind of writer are you? Very disciplined with a day planner or organizer at your side? Do you have set times when you do specific activities?

Or do you take a “come what may” kind of attitude? “Today I feel like writing on my novel.” “Today I feel like submitting.” “Today I’ll have a few drinks and relax.”

Because, honestly, I need to knuckle down and do some serious writerly soul searching.



3 thoughts on “What kind of writer are you?

  1. You had me until this: How do other writers, successful writers, treat their careers?

    Ugh, if I knew that…

    But seriously, when I did NaNo last year I figured out that I can write about 800-1000 words in a sitting, but then I need a break. I was able to get 2000-2500 words a day that way. The most I've ever written was 3600 in a day, but that was right when I started a new project so I was really excited.

    My biggest challenge is pushing aside distractions (like the internet) because once I'm writing, I'm fine.

  2. When I get "in the zone" I'll put in a few thousand words at a time, several days in a row. I like that feeling, I wish I could sustain it. 🙂

    But I'm curious about other things. Do you devote special time to submissions? Researching agents and markets?

    Or do you just do that when you've finished a project?

    Maybe I'm thinking too much. 😀

  3. I try to be disciplined. But it doesn't work very well. I keep trying though.

    Not very helpful, I know. For the little it's worth, I try to spend at least an hour producing new writing, and 15 minutes preparing or sending queries. That's the theory.

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