Friends, Acquaintances, or Colleagues

Here’s something that I never would have thought about had I not moved over to WordPress.

When you create your links to other blogs, in my case I named them the oh, so original “blogroll,” WordPress gives you the option to Link the Relationship.

In other words, I can tag the relationship I have with said blogger as friendship (options being contact, acquaintance, friend, or none), physical (met), professional (co-worker, colleague), geographical, family or romantic.

Now look at my blogroll. Most of those on there are writers. So at first I thought, OK, they’re all colleagues, right? They write. I write? It’s a writing family.

Then I thought, well no, I met the majority of you through AbsoluteWrite. We’ve had conversations together, shared good times, bad times, all of that. We’re closer than colleagues, we’ve shared personal things.

Would that make you acquaintances since we never met?

No, not really. Because, as I said in the paragraph above, we’ve shared things.

That makes us friends. And once I came to that decision, it was fairly easy to click “Friend” on everyone in that blogroll.

Cheers to friendship. 🙂

ETA: Oh, and the list is incomplete. I think I have many more friends to add.



5 thoughts on “Friends, Acquaintances, or Colleagues

  1. Very nice site. I sometimes have problems with blogger, but the worst is how Google Adware ripped me off. I was an idiot for even trying to make some extra money from my blog, yet it turned into me paying them more. Oh well.

    It’s nice you can link your relationship to the person. Take care.

  2. I’ve had some of the same problems, Ed. Not with blogrolls, but with defining relationships. I have one writer-friend-colleague that I’ve known for years. I know her good times and her bad times. I turn to her when I need a shoulder, or want to share something funny that happened to me. She’s a friend. But, I met her first as a fellow writer. We helped crit each other’s work. We shared contacts and markets. We’ve talked industry. Heck, she even hired me once. And, yes, we’ve even met. She’s a colleague.

    So, whenever I’m faced with that little box asking me to define our relationship, I’m always a little stumped — and then I mark whatever I need her to be most for that particular situation.

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