Brewers trade rumors

I really hate baseball offseason. I know, I know. Some of you are still watching baseball, your teams are still in it, or you’re just a baseball junky and will watch anything, even the PeeWee World Series.

I watch the Milwaukee Brewers. I’m a Brewers homey. So for me, baseball season is over and now, unfortunately, begins 5 months of trade rumors.

The latest rumor? The Brewers are sending JJ Hardy, Mat Gamel, Manny Parra, and someone who’s name I didn’t recognize (it was a radio report), but I assume is a minor leaguer for Kansas City’s Zack Greinke. The radio guy said he was the best pitcher not in the playoffs. Exaggeration? Maybe.

But for Brewers fans? This is the stuff of dreams. We get rid of Hardy, who has been in a hitting slump since July of 2007, or so it seems and a lefty pitcher in Parra who, when he’s on can dominate a game, but has a little problem not letting a few mistakes get into his head. With the right pitching coach, Parra could become an excellent pitcher.

And we get what we need the most. A star pitcher to fill the spaces vacated by Ben Sheets and CC Sebathia.

Right now the Brewers have one good consistent pitcher, Yovani Gallardo.

We need pitching. And we can spare gloves. Yes, Mat Gamel could turn into something big, but we need pitching more. And personally, I just want to see Hardy gone so I never EVER have to hear women call him “JJ Hotty” again.

Anyway, Hardy is still young enough at 28 to reach the potential we saw a few years back. A change of scenery, as they say, could do a world of wonders for him. I don’t know anything about Kansas City’s needs, but to me, this sounds like a good trade (although I read on a KC blog that they think Ryan Braun would need to be added, which made me laugh.)

And if we are talking trades, I’d like to say the Brewers have 4, maybe 5, untouchables. Players that can’t be traded because of their value to the team.

Prince Fielder. This year he finally became the all-around hitter he could be. He’s still a home run slugger, but now he’s shown patience at the plate and has become a total batter.

Ryan Braun. He’s already a total batter, one of the best the Brewers have had in years.

Yovani Gallardo. At the moment, he’s our only ace.

Alcides Escobar. He’s the reason Hardy is now expendable.

And I might throw Rickie Weeks in there, too. At the beginning of the season he finally lived up to his potential. Losing him was a major blow to the team and one of the reasons, besides pitching, that the Brewers fell out of contention so early.

But everyone else is expendable, especially if we’re talking star pitching.

So the season is barely over and the rumors are starting already. It is going to be a looooong offseason.


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