Kindles, iPods, and Downloads. Oh my!

What a difference six months make! Back in June I started the following:

There’s a blog about certain incentives to make the Kindle more desirable by bibliophiles. It’s over at Stomping the Yeti.

Now let me preface what I’m about to say by explaining I’m not a technophobe. I don’t hate advances in technology. My cellphone is an LG Voyager with the touchscreen and internet access. I have two laptops. I have a late model Marantz 7.1 home theater receiver.

That said, I have no real desire to get a Kindle. Why? Most of the books I want to read will never make the transition. I’m fairly confident of that.

I have a large vinyl collection. Many of the albums I own, fairly obscure, will never make it to CD.

That’s what I started writing. I never finished it, never posted it. Honestly, today, rereading that, I don’t even remember what I was thinking or where I had planned on going with it.

As I said, what a difference a few months make. I have an iPod and recently I’ve joined eMusic. On eMusic I’ve found some rather obscure albums by 1970s bands such as Nektar, Atomic Rooster, and Magma, to name just a few. Bands I had feared I’d never see offered.

But more to the point, since the direction of that previous blog post was going to be to slam the Kindle and electronic books, I have just this month installed “Kindle for the PC” on my laptop (buying a Kindle, at $250, well, presently I can’t justify that expense). And I’ve started downloading books and Surprise! many of the books I thought I couldn’t find, are there and Surprise! many of those same books are FREE!

I have downloaded “A Princess of Mars” by Edgar Rice Burroughs for free. Amazon has a good collection of Burroughs, many free, that I just didn’t think would be available.

I’m still exploring, but I’m very pleased with the fact that many classics, “Dracula,” “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” “Frankenstein,” and so on, are available and all free!

Other books that I enjoy, such as “Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Collection,” which contains every story Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote on the Holmes character, cost me all of $0.99!

So, here’s me, eating crow over a blog post I never even made, but I thought you’d like to know. My reading list on my Kindle for the PC grows larger every day.

But you can’t beat free! If it was Amazon’s plan to lure me in with free and then wham! hook me into reading electronically, well, it worked.

I am now a Kindle book reader.



2 thoughts on “Kindles, iPods, and Downloads. Oh my!

  1. The tech venom works slowly on me too. I just joined the 21 century by buying a cell phone. But maybe in six months (!), I’ll be ready to get a Kindle. It seems like a economical investment.

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