Mea Culpa

I apologize for abandoning this blog. Life has been interesting of late.

Not really. I just said that so you’d think I was doing other fascinating things and then you’d excuse me for not writing here. Truth is, I just haven’t felt like it.

I have a few ideas to write about, but just haven’t done them. I have a couple ideas for posts about Old Time Radio. One is for Science Fiction and OTR. There were several great Sci-Fi radio dramas in the 1950s, dramas that often transcribed the writings of the greats in Sci-Fi, Ray Bradbury, Fritz Leiber, Jack Williamson, L. Sprague De Campe, to name just a few.

And I’m contemplating a rather unflattering look at the Ed Brubaker run of Captain America, mostly from the viewpoint of an old Silver Ager, who grew up with the Jack Kirby / Stan Lee stories, people who actually respected the character.

And I have a few Musical Monday’s in mind.

But at the moment, those are all just thoughts. I haven’t put them down on paper yet. And don’t know when I will.

I’ve been busy, in a way, writing my Milwaukee History Examiner articles, trying to write several novel ideas, submitting short stories, and reading a bunch of Silver Age comics, Captain American, Iron Man, Dr. Strange, and the Haunted Tank. Oh, and real reading, too. Short stories, mostly, at the moment, as I try to get my short story jones back.

But mostly busy with my kids. Brett is on his 8th grade basketball team, so we go to his games and tournaments. In addition, we also go to the 8th grade girls games, just to be fair. And Kurt is taking winter baseball classes. And he’s in scouts and I’m his den leader.

So, yeah, OK, I guess I have been sort of busy. So again, I apologize. I’ll try to get back into a regular writing groove.

Oh, and I was looking at my stats, and my viewership has been a relatively flat line of only a few views daily (to be expected when you don’t post) except for February 5th. That one day I spiked to 39 views. Anyone have a clue what happened that day?

So in conclusion (I always wanted to say that) I’ll do my best to turn the ideas into concrete postings for your reading pleasure.




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