Chris Evans is Captain America

It has been reported that Chris Evans is going to be Captain America in Marvel’s movie First Avenger: Captain America, to be released in July 2011.

Chris, for those of us who don’t know (I had to Google it and then did a headslap), was Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four movies.

OK. Fine. Facially, I have no problem with him. I guess if you clean him up he’s got the clean cut, chiseled features of Steve Rogers.

But c’mon… I’ve been looking at his pics and sure, he’s buff, but he’s no Captain America.

Captain America, as we all should know, was scrawny Steve Rogers, who volunteered for the WWII secret testing of the Super Soldier Serum.

It made him a freakin’ SUPER soldier. Not a Better-Than-Average Soldier, or a Decently-Buff Soldier, but a SUPER Soldier.

In my mind, that means, someone BUILT. With muscles. Not like the current Mr. Olympia crop, who are rather obscene in their extreme, but maybe Frank Zane size. Muscles in proportion. Because Captain America is supposed to be the epitomy of human development. Because of the Super Soldier serum, he’s the peak of strength, the peak of agility, the peak of athleticism. He is what man will one day evolve into.

Maybe with some intense training, Christ Evans could approximate that, but I still think it’s a reach.

I understand that the problem of going with a real body builder, you end up with inarticulate dialog like in Conan the Barbarian with Ah-nold. So to make this work, you want a half-way decent actor.

And just so we’re clear, I’m not exactly griping about this pick. Just that I think they could have done better. And does this mean the Fantastic Four franchise is done?

Still… I’m excited about the Captain America movie. I like that they’re starting it retro, back in WWII, because that was when Cap was at his best. Along with his side kick Bucky, played by some Sebastian Stan. 2011 can’t get here quick enough.



2 thoughts on “Chris Evans is Captain America

  1. See, while I think he needs to be well-muscled, I just don’t see body-builder type muscles. That implies slowness to me. Huge hulking guy. I think he should be broad and built, but he was always extremely ATHLETIC. In and out of planes, in and out of foxholes. You know? You don’t actually want Ahhhhnold in that situation.

    So I think the Cap needs to look big, and solid, but necessarily RIPPED.

    So speaketh me. 🙂

  2. Hmm. I thought I said NOT Ah-nold size. *rereads it* Oh. Maybe I was unclear. I was trying to say what you said, muscular AND athletic. Sort of the Jim Sterenko version. Muscular, yet sleek. A gymnast’s body. Built yet flexible.

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