Am I a Geek?

Am I? A geek, that is. I ask because I wonder.

First, let’s put out the things I don’t do. I’ve never been to a “Con” of any sort. I’ve never dressed up as a character, well, except when I was 5 and I put on a cowboy hat and a gun holster with a Chess Knight on it and pretended I was Paladin from “Have Gun, Will Travel.” But as an adult, I’ve never cosplayed (am I a geek just for knowing that word?). I’ve never gone to a midnight showing of “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” In fact, I’ve never seen the movie, or had any interest in it. More recently, I haven’t seen, and have no intention of seeing, “Avatar.”

So then why would I wonder if I’m a geek?

Because the aforementioned Paladin dress-up. Because as a child, I watched a lot of Sci-Fi and fantasy shows, like Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Lost in Space, Star Trek, The Invaders, Land of the Giants, Time Tunnel, the steampunk Wild, Wild West, Outer Limits, and the Twilight Zone. I was a fan of all the Universal monsters and of Ray Harryhausen’s animations.

I built models, car models sure, but next to them were the Jupiter 2, the Enterprise, the flying saucer from The Invaders, and even the submarine Seaview. And a Creature from the Black Lagoon model.

I’d pretend to be Captain America by gluing a strap to a Frisbee. I role-played that I was in a space ship, specifically the Jupiter 2, by taking my desk blotter and drawing a control panel on it, thusly:

Jupiter 2 Control Panel recreated on back of blotter board

I read comics. All sorts. Gold Key. Classics Illustrated. Marvel. DC. And later, the Warren black&whites like Creepy and Eerie. I was a member in good standing of the Merry Marvel Marching Society and later FOOM, Friends of Old Marvel.

I read Sci-Fi and fantasy, sword and sorcery, books and magazines, including Famous Monsters of Filmland. I had Frank Frazetta posters and super hero posters on my walls. Right next to my Farrah Fawcett poster.

I had an art book by the aforementioned Frazetta and one on Sci-Fi art from the pulps in addition to a few books on the Pulps themselves. Not to mention a few vinyl records of Old Time Radio shows such as The Shadow, Lights Out!, and the original broadcast of Mercury Theater on the Air’s War of the Worlds.

Today, I still collect comics, although I had to slowly rebuild my collection. Same with my old Sci-Fi book collection. Thanks to the Internet, I have many Old Time Radio programs. In regard to television series, I have the entire Lost in Space and Time Tunnel. I have several Captain America collectibles. And lest I forget, I have the large reprint collections of Captain America, Dr. Strange, Iron Man, the Avengers, and Conan the Barbarian, including Volumes 1 and 2 of the Barry Windsor-Smith Archives.

So. Tell the truth. Am I a geek?

I think Farrah says “No.”



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