Flashback Friday – Lights Out “Mister Maggs (The Chest)”

Before Suspense! Before Inner Sanctum, there was Lights Out.

It was conceived by Wyllis Cooper and it offered up some of very grisly stories complete with very imaginative sound effects. His run on the show lasted from 1934 to 1936. Only one episode of Cooper’s tenure on the show survives. Unfortunately, this isn’t is.

This episode dates from when Arch Oboler took over the show. Oboler was another very imaginative writer who also made use of sound effects. Since this is the last Friday of October, I thought I’d deliver a double treat. Two shows.

The first is a full length episode called, “Mister Maggs (The Chest).” A wonderful tale of a mousy guy who got a killer deal on a trunk at auction.

The second is a short, but legendary piece called, “Chicken Heart.”

I hope they keep you frightened through Halloween.

Please enjoy the following episodes of Lights Out.

“Mister Maggs (The Chest)”
Original Air Date:
December 01, 1942
Run Time:

Click here to listen to “Mister Maggs.”

“Chicken Heart”
Original Air Date:
March 10, 1938
Run Time:

Click here to listen to “Chicken Heart.”

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