Flashback Friday – “Who’s on first”

In the 1940s, the hottest comedy act was Abbott and Costello. They were big on radio, movies, stage, and even television. In the movies, they were a Top 10 box office draw.

Their first radio appearance came on “The Kate Smith Hour” in February 1938 where they performed a skit that became their bread and butter, a skit that is even on permanent exhibit at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Coopertown. It was a skit perfected to rapid fire perfection during their burlesque days.

They first got their own radio show in 1942, which lasted until they made the move to television in 1951.

This week we present the Old Time Radio 1940 broadcast (at least that’s what the file’s title says) of their signature routine, “Who’s on First.”

There are also several other routines, including “Lion Hunting.”

I hope you get a few laughs from this gem from the past.

Here’s the March 20, 1940 broadcast of
“Who’s on First.”

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