Flashback Friday – Blue Ribbon Town starring Groucho

Pabst Blue Ribbon, once the number one beer in America, sponsored the show, Blue Ribbon Town, which starred Groucho Marx.

Blue Ribbon Town was a comedy-variety show that aired on Saturdays on CBS from March 27, 1943 to August 5, 1944. Only about five episodes survive today. The show featured Groucho’s trademark quips delivered as only he could. Groucho left the show in June of 1944 and the show limped along for a couple months before being canceled.

Come join us now in the fictional Blue Ribbon Town. PBR me ASAP.

Episode guest stars:
Jack Benny, Leo Gorcey
Original Air Date:
February 19, 1944
Run Time:

Click here to listen to Blue Ribbon Town.

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