Musical Monday – Bands you never heard of: Dust

In the early 1970s, the hard rock scene was dominated by British bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, and Uriah Heep. But America wasn’t devoid of it’s entries. One such American hard rock band was Dust.

The band consisted of bassist Kenny Aaronson, drummer Marc Bell, and guitarist Richie Wise. The producers were Kenny Kerner, who also wrote the lyrics, and Richie Wise.

Honestly, they only put out two albums before moving on to other projects. Aaronson went to play in the band Stories. He also toured with Edgar Winter, Joan Jett, and Billy Idol. Bell went on to join Richard Hell and the Voidoids before becoming Marky Romone. Kerner and Wise went onto produce the first two albums for Kiss. Obviously, lessons learned with Dust helped them launch Kiss to stardom.

Dust Hard Attack

Dust’s main claim to fame had little to do with their music, but the fact that their second album, Hard Attack, sported a cover done by the great fantasy artist Frank Frazetta, making it somewhat of a collector’s item for Frazetta geeks. In fact, to tell the truth about it, I snatched the album up solely based on that cover when I saw it on the rack back in 1972.

That isn’t to say the music was bad. Give a listen to a few songs from their second album.

Pull Away/So Many Times

Walk in the Soft Rain


I hope you’ve enjoyed this short sampling of a band that, although unknown, influenced such diverse bands as Kiss and The Ramones.



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