My New Year Resolutions

Most of us take this time to reflect over what we’ve accomplished and what we need to do to get things done in the future. Many make plans to improve themselves, their lives, or whatever. Are you making any resolutions this year? I usually don’t, but this year, I thought I’d try. So here, for your entertainment, is my list of New Year Resolutions.

#1. Read more. Sure, I know. That’s pretty vague. But that’s how I roll. Anyway, if you read my blog posts back in May, you know that I was on a reading roll. For whatever reason, the last few years I just hadn’t been reading much or even finishing what I started reading. In 2011, I’d like to continue on the reading train I started in 2010 and take every spare opportunity to read. Since I just got an Android-powered phone, which has a Kindle app on it, that should help in that endeavor. Especially since there are so many free Edgar Rice Burroughs novels available!

#2. Write more. Sad to say, I’ve been a sporadic writer for years. In the past I’ve written in spurts. Write like crazy for a few weeks, then sort of burn out and not write much of anything for months at a time. In November of 2010, however, I started to change all that. I joined National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo or NaNo for short). Although I didn’t really participate and I didn’t finish my novel, nor did I even do a word count, it motivated me. I got a notepad. A pen. And nearly everyday I’ve written something into it. I’m well over 100 pages now. And thanks to my friend, Peter Damien’s philosophy, I’ve found a sufficient motivator. What is it? You motivate yourself by saying, “OK, I’ll just sit down and write one paragraph.” Because, everyone has one paragraph in them. It’s an easy goal, hardly intimidating at all and it won’t take much more time than a couple of minutes. But it’s a subtle trick, too. Because once you’ve written that one paragraph, your mind is synced for writing and you, more than likely, have another paragraph inside. Then another. And another. And before you realize it, you’ve written several pages. So now that I’m a solid, contributing member of The Way of the Pen and I’m writing everywhere I go, because I always have a notebook with me.

#3. Submit more. I intend to submit everything everywhere. Yes, even stories I wrote a long time ago and had given up on. I’m going to go over them, revamp and revise as necessary, then hit submit. In other words, I’m putting every flipping editor and literary agent on notice: You will be seeing my name a lot this year. Or if not my name, my pseudonym, Ed Wyrd.

#4. Collect more. This speaks for itself. I collect comics mostly (although I also collect shot glasses, beer steins, swords, vinyl records, books) and this year I intend to shop eBay looking for Silver Age comics that I owned as a teen. My unemployment put a damper on that, but I intend to make up for it in 2011.

#5. Blog more. This, too, I’d sort of let slide. Again, in the last part of 2010 I started to increase my blogging with Musical Monday and Old Time Radio Flashback Fridays. And the end of December saw several blogs from me. I intend to keep up the Monday and Friday submissions, and try to throw a few more blogs in during the week. Lucky you.

#6. Social media more. On Facebook today I posted my Resolutions as: To Poke More and To Like More. I mean it. 🙂

#7. And finally, I want 2011 be the year of Doing Things. The last couple of years, because I was unemployed, we just didn’t have the money to do anything with the family. This year I want to make up for that and treat the kids to more travel adventures. Maybe going to the Renaissance Faire. Going to Old World Wisconsin. Cave of the Mounds. The State Capital. Maybe just getting in the car on the weekend and driving in a direction (except East, that will put us in Lake Michigan).

So that’s it for me. What about you? What are you planning for the New Year?



One thought on “My New Year Resolutions

  1. A lot of similar goals between us (and probably everyone else on [AW] too, come to think of it). I’ve also been a sporadic writer for entirely too long. Here’s to success in changing it! Best of luck!

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