Already broken

The month hasn’t even come to an end and I’ve already broken my New Year’s resolution to write more in my blog.

I apologize.

If it’s any consolation, I have been successful at some of the others.

I am writing more. I’ve just started a new novel, after finishing one earlier in the month. Sometime I really need to sit down and transcribe it from the notebook to the computer.

I am reading more. Short stories, mostly, And I borrowed some audio books from the library, although I find that sitting and listening to someone drone on and on isn’t really suited to my transitory nature (meaning: I’ve got attention deficit and get bored really quick). It’s different from Old Time Radio programs for some reason. There, it’s an audio play, with different voices and sound effects and incidental music. But an audio book is just someone reading it, and often, if they aren’t very good, like the guy narrating “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” for instance, who is really, really slow and tries to annunciate every word with the Queen’s English, trying to concentrate on it becomes a challenge for me. In that instance, c’mon! It’s a short story, for Cripe’s sake and he’s dragged it out to almost novel length.

And I am submitting more. I’ve got ten in submission. Well, nine, I got a rejection on Thursday and haven’t sent that story out yet. And I received one acceptance.

So except for this blogging thing, I sticking to the rest of my resolutions.

So there.

Nyah. :p



One thought on “Already broken

  1. I only really wanna talk about the OTR/audiobook thing. I think a lot of why OTR works is not only the multiple people speaking, but the mere fact that it was written to function like a sitcom does now. It was made to be 29 minutes or so, and it encapsulated a story, if not in that time, in a series of programs. Audiobooks drive me nuts for one reason: I like the voice in my head. Maybe I’m nuts, but I prefer my reading voice to that of some actor being paid to read. If I felt the voice actor actually felt a connection to the piece, I might not care, but a majority of the time, it doesn’t come through. This isn’t an insult to those who thrive on this type of “reading,” but nothing, to me, compares to picking up a book, hiding under a blanket, and shutting off the outside world to those dreamy images in my head. So, I get that whole topic you mentioned.

    Outside of that…You failed at resolutions. :p Nyah back!

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