OTR Flashback Friday – Rocky Jordan

“Not far from the Mosque Sultan Hassan in Cairo, stands the Cafe Tambourine run by Rocky Jordan. The Cafe Tambourine crowded with forgotten men, alive with the babble of many languages, for this is Cairo where modern adventure and intrigue unfold against a backdrop of antiquity.” That was the opening to an old time radio program that aired from about 1948 to around 1951 called “Rocky Jordan.”

The show had many similarities to the movie “Casablanca.” Like Rick, Rocky Jordan was an American who owned a cafe. In this case, the Cafe Tambourine in Cairo.

Every week Rocky became involved in some sort of mystery or intrigue, all set in exotic Egypt. Through the use of music and sound effects, Cairo was realistically brought to life. The writers even used the names of real streets.

Along with Rocky Jordan, is Sam Sabaaya, the police chief, who plays the roll of sometimes friend, sometimes antagonist, depending on the type of trouble Rocky finds himself in.

And, as the announcer says, “Time now for Rocky Jordan.”

Tonight’s episode is:
“Consignment for Naples”
Original Air Date:
February 20, 1949
Starring Jack Moyles as Rocky Jordan, Jay Novello as Sam Sabaaya
Run Time:

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