Flashback OTR Friday – Nero Wolfe

Nero Wolfe was a detective character created by Rex Stout and appeared in 33 novels and 39 short stories. The title character is an overweight man who rarely leaves the house. All the legwork is done by, and most of the danger happens to, his assistant, Archie Goodwin while Wolfe overindulges in his passions of food, beer, and raising orchids. And yet, in the end, Wolfe always solves the crime using Holmes-like logic.

The character went through several incarnations of Old Time Radio dramas, including The Adventures of Nero Wolfe that aired on ABC from 1943–1944, The Amazing Nero Wolfe on the Mutual Network in 1946, and the series tonight’s episode is from The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe on NBC in 1951.

The New Adventures starred the famed Sidney Greenstreet in the starring role. Unfortunately, there was a revolving door for the character of Archie Goodwin and five actors voiced him throughout the run. Bill Johnstone, who had played The Shadow for five years starred as Inspector Cramer, who made a perfect foil for Greenstreet’s Wolfe.

Tonight’s episode is:
“The Care Worn Cuff”
Original Air Date:
October 27, 1950
Starring Sidney Greenstreet as Nero Wolfe, Lawrence Dobkin as Archie Goodwin, Bill Johnstone as Inspector Cramer
Run Time:


4 thoughts on “Flashback OTR Friday – Nero Wolfe

  1. it should be good reading. I thought I read that Rex Stout was voted the best mystery writer of the last 50 years or something…. OK. Wiki says: “The Nero Wolfe corpus was nominated Best Mystery Series of the Century at Bouchercon 2000, the world’s largest mystery convention, and Rex Stout was nominated Best Mystery Writer of the Century.”

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