The elusive goal

Sometimes I think I’m too easily entertained. That I’m too open and accepting in what pleases me.

As an example, I can read pretty much any book, watch any movie or television show and I’ll be entertained. Doesn’t matter if its critically acclaimed and award winning or sci-fi channel schlock, if the topic at least interests me, I’ll be entertained.

In other words, I have trouble distinguishing good from bad from great. I can enjoy it all equally in some regard.

Which worries me no end when it comes to my own writing and the hopes of having even a modicum of success.

If I can’t distinguish good from bad in other works how can I then distinguish good from bad in my own work?

It’s like not having a sense if taste and being unable to tell the difference between McDonald’s fare and that of a 4 star restaurant.

That person certainly couldn’t make it as a restaurant critic, therefore how can I ever hope to make it as a writer?

It’s a conundrum and one I’ve been faced with all my life. All I can do is keep on keeping on, and keep submitting in a scattergun approach — sending out everything I write in the hopes That at least something will hit its mark.

There.  Got that morose thought off my chest. Back to writing!


2 thoughts on “The elusive goal

  1. Compared to many people I know, especially when delving deep into certain fandoms (e.g.; Robert E. Howard) I fear I am too easily entertained. For instance, I might enjoy a lesser pastiche while others rail that it shouldn’t exist.

    I have one friend who is extremely picky about his entertainment and the fidelity of his home theater. I’m just not that concerned.

    On the other hand, I remind myself that I’m not a lowest-common-denomiator type. My ease of entertainment is relative. I don’t watch what I consider to be crap t.v., I don’t read gossip magazines, etc.

  2. I would agree with that. I just finished reading “Brak the Barbarian,” which was written by John Jakes back in the 1960s. Many people considered it inferior to Conan and yet, I found it had a certain charm to it.

    I’ve always held many popular television shows in contempt, shows like “Dukes of Hazard,” “The A-Team,” “Modern Family,” for various reasons. And I don’t, for instance, watch “Glee” because I dislike cover songs. I want the original and nothing else will do.

    And as far as music goes, again, I’ve never been a fan of pop music. I’ve liked my music more obscure.

    So I guess I in a way, I am a little selective. The movie, tv show, or book still has to resonate with me. Still has to have something in it that clicks with one of my many interests, otherwise I won’t even bother. So yes, I have my own standards of what I regard as crap.

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