Monday Night Fiasco

So the NFL came out and pretty much admitted that the call by the replacement refs that cost the Green Bay Packers the game was wrong.

Nevertheless, they were too cowardly to change the decision, to make things right.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, despite getting something like 70,000 calls from irate fans, didn’t have the balls to correct an obvious mistake committed by buffoons everyone knows aren’t qualified to even ref a Pop Warner game.

I fully understand Goodell’s position. Changing a call on the field would set a precedent. Fans would expect on-field errors to be overturned by the Commissioner’s office all the time.

So what? Grow a pair and be a leader, Goodell. This is part of the job. If you’re too cowardly to act for the good of the game then step down and let a real man take your place.

This isn’t just some silly penalty that had no effect on the field, this call determined the outcome of the game. This call was so egregiously wrong that it hurts the integrity of football. Forget the fact that it could affect the Packers playoff chances or that it changes the whole complexion of the NFC North’s standings, and look at the big picture: this call and your spineless decision to do nothing is a black eye to the great game of American Football. The entire world saw how badly those refs blew the ending of the Packers/Seahawks game. Your league is an international laughing stock.

Bur you can set it right. Be a man, Goodell. Be a leader. Show the world you deserve to be Commissioner of the most popular sport in America. It’s time to shit or get off the pot, Goodell.

Reverse Monday’s decision.



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