What is Romney’s attraction?

One thing I’ve never understood are party followers. Those people who vote Republican or Democrat no matter who is running. To me, that makes no sense because then you are putting the party’s agenda ahead of America. And you’re not looking at the man or woman. You’re not even considering character issues. In fact, you aren’t considering anything; you aren’t doing any critical thinking. You’re nothing but a follower.

But those are a small group. Only 33% of Americans identify themselves with either party. That means that 33% are either independents or those wishy-washy types who can’t make up their mind.

But in the current race, polls are showing the two candidates are running neck and neck. That means 50% are considering Romney.

As I said, I know that 33% of those are party lemmings. But what about those other 17%? What motivates them to vote for Romney, who in my memory is not only the worst candidate ever to get this close to the presidency, but is possibly the most two-faced, lying, flip-flopping selfish, opportunist in the entire history of politics.

And still people want to elect him.

Obama has passed 18 tax cuts to small businesses. Has created several loan programs for small business. Romney has killed small business through his business practices of buying out companies, firing the workers, and sending the jobs to China.

And yet many small businesses still favor Romney.

Obama has worked toward equal pay for women and protecting their rights. Romney is anti-women in every regard.

And yet there are women willing to give up all their rights to vote for Romney.

Obama is Christian, despite what the bigots would have you believe. Romney is Christian in name only, and I don’t mean that as a reference to his Momonism at all. I mean it because going to church on Sundays does not make you Christian. You are Christian through word and deed. Romney, as mentioned, has killed businesses and deliberately put people out of work just to increase his own wealth. In prep school, he attacked, held down, and cut the hair of a young man simply because he was different. Being a bully is not Christ-like. He lies to advance his own agenda. He changes his platform depending on who he is talking to. He falsifies his own beliefs and values as the opportunity presents itself. He’s a chameleon, not a Christian.

And yet, there are Christians who are supporting Romney!

Obama is for advanced education. Has increased loans and grants for higher education. Romney’s plan will cut help for college students. As he has said, “Borrow the money from your parents” as if we all are as well-to-do as his family.

And yet, there are college students who support Romney.

Obama wants to make the rich pay their fair share. Romney wants the middle class to pay more while cutting taxes for the rich even more. He’s admitted he doesn’t care about the 47%.

Romney can’t relate to anyone who isn’t a millionaire and yet, the poor and middle class will vote for him.

Obama is pro-veteran. The Republicans voted down a veteran’s job bill that they themselves sponsored, just to make Obama look bad. Romney has hardly even mentioned veterans in his RNC acceptance speech or in any of the debates.

And yet, there are veterans who support Romney.

And then we have those who voted for Obama in the last election but are thinking of voting for Romney this time. Now that definitely boggles. You voted for Obama last time but now you think by voting for his complete polar opposite is a good idea?

Some of those voters are disappointed with the progress Obama has made, obviously not having paid attention to all the obstructionism and filibusters the Republicans have been throwing at him to prevent Obama from accomplishing anything. And even more obviously, not paying attention to Romney himself who says his plan will take 8 to 10 years to work! You’re unhappy with Obama’s speed yet are going to elect someone who admits they’ll be even slower?

And if you look at Ryan’s own budget plan, that doesn’t balance the budget until 2040 and it does it by eliminating every government agency except the military!

And still, people are willing to vote for Romney.

Even members of his own party don’t like him. He’s been an also ran in the nomination process before. Few respect him.

Rudy Guiliani said, “I have never seen a guy — and I’ve run a lot of elections, supported a lot of people — I’ve never seen a guy change his positions on so many things, so fast, on a dime. Everything.”

Newt Gingrich said, “I’ve been Romney-boated…. Somebody who will lie to you to get to be president, will lie to you when they are president.”

Rick Santorum said, “Pick any other Republican in the country. He [Romney] is the worst Republican in the country to put up against Barack Obama.”

Sarah Palin said, “Gov. Romney has claimed to have created 100,000 jobs at Bain and people are wanting to know, is there proof of that claim? And was it U.S. jobs created for United States citizens?”

Despite those warnings, people will vote for Romney.

I know there are some who will never vote for Obama because of ignorance, fear, racism, and bigotry.

He’s black. Get over it.

He is not Muslim, he’s Christian.

He was born in Hawaii. He’s an American. The birthers are idiots.

If you believe in America, still believe in the American dream, then voting for Obama is your only choice. He was raised by a single mother. Raised in a middle class family. He wasn’t handed anything in life. He had to work for it. And he rose to win the greatest job in the land. He is the epitome of what the American dream is all about. Work hard and you can achieve your goals.

Romney is a spoiled brat who thinks the world owes him the presidency because he is rich and deserves it. He is an elitist who looks down upon us. We are nothing but sheep and servants to him and we should vote for him because he’s our superior

I don’t ever recall anyone else who believed they were destined to be President based solely on their wealth and status the way Romney does.

And yet, despite his obvious disdain for them, people will still vote for Romney.

Despite all his obvious flaws, his lack of scruples, his immorality, his disdain for minorities, women, gays, and the poor, people will vote for him.

I don’t get it.



3 thoughts on “What is Romney’s attraction?

  1. What is clear is that President Obama’s pathway to victory is straight and narrow; he has a variety of different paths along which he can walk to victory against an electoral arithmetic nightmare for Governor Romney (see my thoughts: http://goo.gl/FsfQv).

    It would take a monumental upset in Obama’s campaign, or a significant upturn in Romney’s, for the Republicans to retake the presidency; it would be a taste of revenge for the Democrats if Romney were denied the White House in a similar manner to Gore in 2000.

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