It matters. Your vote does matter. Don’t be intimidated. Don’t be discouraged. Vote.

Don’t let the poll watchers scare you away. Vote.

Stay in line. Don’t leave the line. As long as you’re in line they have to let you vote. It’s the law.


If early polls make it seem your vote doesn’t matter, vote, because polls don’t matter. Only votes do.

If you’re a woman: vote.

If you’re a minority: vote.

If you’re a college student: vote.

If you’re poor: vote.

If you’re elderly: vote.

If you’re in a union: vote.

If you’re unemployed: vote.

If you’re a veteran: vote.

If you’re middle class: vote.

If you’re disabled: vote.

If you’re part of the 99%: vote.

If you live in a blue state: vote.

If you live in a red state: vote.

If you live in a purple polka-dot with grey stripes state: vote.

If you’re in eastern time zone, or central time, or mountain time, or pacific time, or any time: vote.

If you’re American: vote.

If early results look like your candidate isn’t winning and you haven’t voted yet: vote. Remember “Dewey Wins!” Stranger things have happened but they’ll only happen if you vote.

Service men and women have died to give and preserve your right to vote. Honor them. Thank them. Remember them. Vote.

Pass the word to your neighbors to vote. Help those who can’t get to polling stations to vote.

Doesn’t matter if you’re Democrat or Republican. Vote. Doesn’t matter if you’re capitalist or socialist. Vote. Doesn’t matter if you’re religious or atheist. Vote.

All that matters is you vote. Change won’t happen unless you vote. Political Action Committees and giant corporations can spend tons of money on ad campaigns, but they can’t vote. Only you, as a person, can vote. You have free will. You are free to choose who to vote for. Vote.

Voting is your single most important, most cherished right you have as an American. It ensures who represents you. It’s your weapon against tyranny and corruption. It topples dictatorships. It holds elected officials responsible. Wield the power. Vote.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity — need to VOTE.

Your vote counts. Yes, yours. You may think it doesn’t. You may think the country is heading in the wrong direction and you’re powerless to stop it, but you aren’t. You wield the power. Flex your democratic muscles and vote. Your vote is a beacon lighting the darkness, a voice breaking the silence.

Vote as if this were the most important election of your lifetime, the most significant election in our nation’s history — because it is. They all are. And your vote is the most important one there is because it could be your vote, your one tiny lonely vote, that could be the one that decides who wins and who loses, who governs and who goes home, and which direction our country moves in.

It takes just one vote to break a tie and that vote could be yours.

Use it. Use your vote. The country, the world, are depending on you.




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