Unexplained Explosion

Looking at the stats for this blog — which is something I don’t normally obsess over, unlike some people I know who stress over such things — I did notice that on September 18, 2012, this site had 213 views. Considering for 2012, which was an off year for me posting-wise, that I was only averaging 13 views a day, it’s kind of hard not to notice that day.

It’s an anomaly, an aberration that I can’t explain. It’s not like a search engine was directing them here, there were only 11 views from that source. Another 11 views came from links to my blogs. That’s it. And it wasn’t because I’d written anything provocative recently, well, unless you consider a blogpost about Algebra provocative, which wasn’t the case because that post garnered 3 views on September 17th when it was published, and 2 more on September 18th.

The thing is, there wasn’t any one blogpost that brought in all that traffic. There wasn’t one special post I could point to and say, “Yeah, ok, that one had 100 views, or 50 views. That explains why everyone was here.” The highest viewed page was the home page, which of course, is where most of all the blog posts are if you scroll down far enough. But even so, that only received 18 views, and the next highest pages received only 4. The most interesting thing is whoever it was, or however many it was, that visited my site that day, they viewed a lot of pages but each just once. So someone, or a lot of someones, read a lot of my blog posts in a single day.

It’s just weird. Take today, for example. My blog had 37 views. A pretty decent day for this blog. And 21 of those views were of one post, yesterday’s Lancer/Ace Conan: Rereading and Reminiscence. That’s how, in my mind, these things are supposed to work. You publish a blogpost, then your subscribers are notified and they come and read it, the search engines direct people to it according to your tag words and they come and read it.

And if you’re a dedicated blogger and you post regularly and your readers read regularly and the search engines regularly send you new readers who stay to become regular readers then eventually you’re views will steadily grow on average until maybe you are getting 213 views on a regular basis.

Yesterday and today make sense from a blog point of view, but to average 15 to 20 daily views and then suddenly explode to 213 like that. Well, it’s a fluke that I’ll probably never ever figure out.

And that’s all I’m saying on that.

By the way, if you’re wondering why I tagged this bolognium, there was no reason other than I like the word.



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