Green Bay Packers season is over

Well, it was a disappointing loss. It started out gangbusters. Our defense scored the first touchdown. And our offense had a running game that was moving the ball. We were up 14-7. Unfortunately, it seemed we had no answer for their quarterback who went for a combined total of 450 yards between running and passing as he set a NFL record for most yards rushing by a QB in a playoff game.

But what really hurt us was we let them dictate the pace of the game. We went away from the run game, which San Fran hadn’t stopped, and tried to play catch-up with our passing game, which they did stop.

And the team gave up. You could see it at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. A shot of the Packer wide receivers on the bench showed they were already thinking about what they’d do during the off-season. They looked disheartened, deflated. And they were only down by 2 touchdowns at that point. Hardly an insurmountable lead — unless you’ve given up. The look in their eyes said they’d given up.

And so did I. If they weren’t going to fight, didn’t have the heart to scratch and claw their way back on top, I didn’t have to waste my time watching a game where the players already felt crushed and defeated.

One can’t wonder, had the outcome of the Seattle game, which had been decided by a blatantly bad call by the replacement refs and not overturned by the Commissioner and the NFL, ended with a win in the Packers favor would things have been different? Would that Packers at 12-4, with a Bye the first week of the playoffs and Home Field Advantage for the game they just played against San Fran, fared better? Would the Packers be moving on to the NFC Championship Game?

Who knows. We’ll never know and honestly, such speculation will make you crazy.

But still, I am going to. I’m going to blame this whole season on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who lacked the balls to fix a wrong. I should have boycotted the entire season because of that bad call and the NFL’s inability to correct it.

I regret wasting my Sunday’s on a game that lacks integrity to correct it’s mistakes and on a team that gives up in the 3rd quarter.

Football season is over for me. Pitchers and catchers report in 30 days. I have that to look forward to.

Here we go Brewers, here we go!



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