Obsolescence, planned or contrived with evil intent?

It has occurred to me that maybe I’m not having phone issues so much as planned obsolescence issues.

My Samsung Galaxy S was a great phone for well over a year but then started acting up toward the end of my contract. Since it was having so many issues, I started thinking Android phones were crap so I switched to the iPhone.

Well, for over a year my iPhone 4s was da bomb. Now that its contract end is nearing, it too is starting to act up.

I suspect now that the issue might not be with the phones, the hardware, but with the service provider, my cellphone carrier, Verizon Wireless.

It is quite possible, in a paranoid sort of way, that Verizon, in their desire for me to upgrade and lock me into another 2 year plan, is purposely making my phones misbehave. Maybe they’re constricting my data stream. Or even outright denying service. That would explain why I can’t make calls or even get a signal until I have to restart the phone. Right?

Maybe I should switch CARRIERS instead of phones. Since we already have AT&T Uverse for cable television and Internet, maybe they could offer us a cell phone bundle.

I think I’ll look into it and migrate each of our phones to AT&T as their contracts all expire and thereby avoid cancelation penalties.

Or maybe Sprint. We had them in the late 90s and they sucked (or it could have been the shitty free phone we got), and I see they offer the Samsung Galaxy S III for free instead of the $100 or $200 AT&T and Verizon charge. I see from one review that (and this surprises me) that they have better coverage than either Verizon or AT&T but it looks like they charge more. Almost $200 more for a similar 4G share plan! And they charge nearly twice what those two charge for each additional smartphone.

What other carriers are there? T-Mobile? Thats the 4th largest carrier. US Cellular is the 6th largest.

Too bad Cingular got absorbed. I really liked them. (And that was a really convoluted history. Cingular bought AT&T Wireless, but somehow AT&T itself owned 60% of Cingular and BellSouth owned 40% so when AT&T bought BellSouth, they owned all of Cingular and rebranded it AT&T and all the while SBC Communications had bought and absorbed AT&T then rebranded all SBC stuff AT&T. Got it? Neither do I.)

And then there’s CREDO mobile, a progressive activist company that helps battle the evil Right-wingers while supporting progressive causes (and they’ll help pay for your cancelation penalties). They use Sprint’s network, but have a different price plan.

So time to do some research. I love research.



One thought on “Obsolescence, planned or contrived with evil intent?

  1. Samsung changed the replacement toner cartridges for my printer, instantly making the printer unusable. Sometime in early 2012, the chip in the Samsung brand replacement cartridge for this printer (same name and product number as previous version) was changed so that the (new) cartridge no longer works with printers with the previous firmware, including mine, purchased only 18 months earlier. I only learned about this change after purchasing and returning several toner cartridges, all of which produced paper-feed and other problems.

    I finally called Samsung support, which told me that my printer could not use the new cartridges. Samsung product support says that, because my printer was beyond the one year warranty period, in order for my printer to be able to use the new cartridge (actually any replacement cartridge), a technician would have to come to my business, at my expense, to update the printer’s firmware. In other words, Samsung made a change, without telling me or other customers about the change, that instantly made my printer obsolete and basically unusable! Just as a comparison, the printer that was replaced by the Samsung was a HP laser printer that I purchased in 1995 that finally gave up the ghost after 15 years of use and many many toner cartridges. Suffice it to say that my next printer will definitely not be a Samsung. I’d strongly advise against buying a Samsung printer unless you’re prepared to continually replace the toner in your current cartridge until it too dies.

    Needless to say Samsung is off my list of possible brands of all future electronic purchases.

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