First day, first night

As I mentioned in a previous post, to get a better handle on my ADHD my doctor and I agreed that I should try to take the Adderall twice a day. Since the medication starts to wear off in the afternoon while I’m still at work, I’d take a second dosage around 1 or 2 pm.

Yesterday was my first time. I took the second dosage a little after 2pm. It did help. Instead of having my afternoon plummet into distractability, I was able to remain focused and on task.

There is nothing worse than the feeling you get as the Meds wear off and you know they’re wearing off, but you can’t help yourself as you mutter through the rest of the day, knowing hat you have to do, but not doing it to the best of your ability and worrying that you are forgetting important steps.

“Did I include the receipt and acknowledgement in that package I mailed?” “Did I encrypt that email?” “Did I log off before leaving my computer?” It just makes for an uncomfortable and worrisome afternoon.

But yesterday, I had none of that. I worked right through the day without feeling like I’d forgotten something, missed a step, or rushed through a project.

In fact, the Meds didn’t start wearing off until the evening when we were at a baseball meeting and I started rambling about something and my wife told me to focus on the new rules the little league commissioner was laying down.

Oh. Right.

So all in all it was a successful day. The night however, was restless. I tossed and turned all night and every little thing kept disturbing me. Usually I sleep like a log.

Insomnia and I are strangers. But last night he kept nudging me. “Are you awake?” Yes. “Are you awake?” Yes. “Are you awake?” YES!

So today I took my Meds a half hour earlier to see how I sleep tonight. I guess I’ll keep doing that until I hit a point where the Meds are most effective at work and still let me fall asleep at night.

Because, I love sleep.



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