The Best Beer

Do you know what the best beer is?

Whoever said Budweiser, please leave and delete the links as you go.

No. Not Bud, or Miller, or Coors, or even, and this may come as a shock, Pabst. Not a Sam Adams, Sprecher, Anchor Steam, or any of the thousands of craft beers available all across this land, although they are delicious. And definitely not an import. No, never an import that had to wing its way across the ocean, then was trucked overland to the local supermarket. Never an import, which is like flipping a coin — will it come up skunky?

The best beer is fresh beer. And you can’t get that in a supermarket or a liquor store or a beer depot. It doesn’t come in a bottle or a can.

You can only get fresh from a local brew pub. Fresh beer comes from a growler that you greedily rushed home to put in the refrigerator. Doesn’t matter who made it, doesn’t matter what style it is, nothing matters except freshness.

So that’s my tip for this Fourth of July. Rush out and buy a growler or two from your local brew pub. I’ve got a growler in the fridge waiting for me that I purchased while we were in the Wisconsin Dells from the Moosejaw restaurant, officially the Wisconsin Dells Brewing Company. It’s a growler of their Blonde Ale.

I finished up the Rustic Red last night.

Plus, if you wash out the growler and take it back, the brew pub will fill it with more of their delightful fresh brew for a few dollars less. Imagine a half gallon of fresh tasty beer chilling in your refrigerator right now.


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