Trayvon Martin, a story you never heard

There is a picture circulating the Internet. It’s a graphic picture that shows the crime scene with Trayvon Martin lying dead in the grass. This picture was offered as evidence during the trial. The jury, six women, saw the photo. The nation didn’t. No news outlet showed the photograph except NBC and they said it had been a mistake and apologized for it.

But you should never apologize for the truth. The picture shows Trayvon, dead on the grass, still clutching the paper bag from the convenience store in his left hand.

Think about that a moment. Then, I’m going to tell you the story that picture tells.

Trayvon Martin went to the convenience store to get some munchies. He was walking home when he noticed a car following him. He decided to run, hoping to make it to his father’s fiancé’s house where he was staying, which was in the gated community where Zimmerman also rented a house.
He almost made it. He was within 70 yards of his house when Zimmerman caught up to him. Zimmerman pulled his gun and approached the child who still clutched the bag containing a bag of Skittles and an Arizona iced tea. Trayvon asked what the man wanted. “What are you following me for?”
Zimmerman answered, “What are you doing around here?” But Zimmerman didn’t wait for an answer. He quickly stepped up to Trayvon, pushing him, then raised his gun and shot Trayvon in the chest.
Trayvon fell to the ground dying, still holding the paper bag in his hand, within eyesight of his home. There was no fight, no punches thrown. The picture testifies to that. It is impossible that Trayvon could have fought back while still holding the bag, certainly not in the way Zimmerman described the fight, and definitely not in mixed martial arts style as one “witness” claimed. You can’t fight like that with a bag in your hand. Can’t clutch someone’s head and bash it into the cement.
Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin

No. What happened was Trayvon almost made it to the safety of his home. He was just 70 short yards from living to see another day. Zimmerman, however, caught up with him. Maybe Trayvon cried a little. Pleaded for his life. But Zimmerman decided, for whatever reason, to shoot him. He murdered Trayvon in cold blood. It happened so quickly, Trayvon didn’t even have a chance to drop the bag and defend himself. He fell to the Florida grass still holding his munchies in his left. hand.
Then, Zimmerman had a moment of clarity. He realized he had just killed an innocent child. He needed a story to explain why he had shot a child. So he pistol whipped himself and made up a story of being jumped, of having his head bashed into the concrete by a child left holding the bag.
Trayvon’s DNA was found on that bag, but nowhere else. Not on Zimmerman’s gun. Not on Zimmerman’s clothing. Not on Zimmerman’s head. Because Trayvon never touched Zimmerman. The attack happened too quickly.
Zimmerman has gotten away with murder and a jury made up of six women aided and abetted him. The justice system is far from perfect and in this case, it failed completely. A child killer is free. And the justice system, and America, is left holding the bag.

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