Verizon: Too big to offer sass

I appended a couple paragraphs to the end of my Windows 8 phone blog yesterday. If you read it, then you’ll understand where today’s blog comes from.

As you know, I’m looking to divest myself of my iPhone 4S. It’s been giving me problems lately, some are iPhone specific, like the teeny tiny screen that makes typing and reading a nightmare for me. So I’m thinking of a Windows 8 phone.

But I have Verizon Wireless and with them you get whatever they feel like offering, which is old, outdated phones and bland, conservative colors.

You want something new? Something bold and sassy? You better have AT&T, Sprint, or even one of the smaller companies.

Before I decided on the Win8 phone, I was jonesing over the HTC One. The only smartphone that makes sense if you enjoy listening to music and videos because it has a pair of stereo speakers positioned on either side of (or above and below, depending on your perspective) the screen. It’s an idea that makes so much sense you’d think ALL phones would be like that. But they aren’t. The majority of phones have the speakers  pointed away from you, on the back or bottom, forcing you to cup your hand and get a cramp trying to focus the sound back toward you.

And it’s a nice looking phone, too. Responsive. I was playing with one last night at Best Buy and I like it. A lot.

But Verizon doesn’t offer it. Oddly, I read an article from earlier this year that said Verizon SHOULD be offering it by July. Well, it’s August and still nothing.

If Verizon offered it l (which they don’t! I can’t stress that enough.), I would be hard pressed to decide on which phone to get, the HTC One or the Nokia Lumia 928.

And speaking of Nokia, Verizon also doesn’t offer the latest Nokia, the Lumia 1020, which has a gorgeous 41 megapixel camera. It is another phone I’d like to get but would be out of my price range even if it was offered.

So, by default, I’ll get the Nokia Lumia 928. Probably I. White because again; RED isn’t a color option offered by Verizon.

Why is that? Well, to be cynical, they don’t have to. Verizon is the largest cell phone company. They are making money hand over fist. They have the best, most reliable nationwide network and have had for 20 years. They have the highest customer retention rate, because they know, and you know, anyone who leaves them is taking a big step down service-wise. Maybe one day AT&T will finally deliver on their long-promised blazing fast nationwide 4G network, but they aren’t there yet.

So Verizon doesn’t have to offer the latest and greatest and sassiest. No one is going to leave them for an HTC One. Although you’d think after the fiasco with the iPhone (Verizon was offered the iPhone first but turned it down and then watched as AT&T and the iPhone broke sales records) where they watched millions of customers quit them to joing AT&T just to get an iPhone, that they’d learn to be a little quicker delivering new devices.

But now, they have the iPhone, so they’re pretty smug and obviously don’t anticipate that any other upcoming phones will endanger their bottom line, except maybe the Samsung Galaxy S series, which is the top selling Android phone and the reason they bring that one to market fairly quickly.

But even there, Verizon still offers the bland over the exciting. The Galaxy S4 comes in seven colors: white, black, blue, red, purple, brown, and pink. So guess which colors are available from Verizon?

Right. White. Black. And according to Verizon’s press release, “an exciting new color!” (drum roll!) Brown.

Yawn. No wonder Verizon donates to the Republican Party, they offer stodgy and conservative devices!

I noticed that even Credo Mobile, a small cell phone company that touts itself as not only green and progressive, but that it is the only cell phone company to donate millions to progressive causes, has the HTC One. And, they have a buyout program so you can get out from under the thumb of Verizon (or AT&T, or whomever).

That seems so tempting.

Update 09August2013: I was just informed that, whereas some cell phone companies are decreasing how long you have to wait to upgrade, Verizon Wireless has actually increased the time! They went from 20 months to 24 months! Verizon is so big they don’t have to give a shit about their customers. Credo Mobile and their buyout program is looking better all the time.



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